Cuba Photo Series: Cienfuegos

Cienfuegos, on the southern coast of Cuba, was an unexpected find. Known as the Pearl of the South, it was meant to be no more than a one-night stop in our itinerary to break up the long drive from Viñales to Trinidad. But we loved it so much, that we ended up staying longer.

Cienfuegos has a unique vibe. It feels distinctly French, yet with a tinge of Spanish influence. It’s not as heavy on the tourist radar as Viñales and Trinidad. This alone gives the town an understated charm.

Discovering the rundown streets, listening to live music by the water, stumbling upon an electrifying Santeria ritual and being invited to join the celebrations, admiring ostentatious palaces from the 1920s along the Punta Gorda peninsula or simply drinking cocktails on a narrow slice of roof overlooking the entire town – Cienfuegos’ breezy aura will entice you.

This post is part of a photo series covering my trip to Cuba.

DSC_6865 (Large)DSC_6872 (Large)DSC_6874 (Large)DSC_6886 (Large)DSC_6890 (Large)DSC_6896 (Large)DSC_6897 (Large)DSC_6905 (Large)DSC_6910 (Large)DSC_6912 (Large)DSC_6927 (Large)DSC_6931 (Large)DSC_6937 (Large)DSC_6938 (Large)DSC_6960 (Large)DSC_6969 (Large)DSC_7016 (Large)DSC_7017 (Large)DSC_7025 (Large)DSC_7026 (Large)DSC_7034 (Large)DSC_7047 (Large)DSC_7061 (Large)DSC_7070 (Large)

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  1. Once again a superb selection of pictures!

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