Cuba Photo Series: Trinidad

Trinidad, nearly 400km south-east of Havana, is considered one of the best preserved colonial towns in the Americas. It’s a mere 1.5 hour drive from Cienfuegos, but almost 6 hours from Havana. Nevertheless, it is a popular stop for most tourists.

Travel back in time while in town, as you walk down cobblestone streets, take in the impressive buildings, climb the tower of the Convento de San Francisco de Asis, watch stunning sunsets from the Plaza Mayor and be enveloped in the warm hospitality of local hosts. When you’ve had enough of Trinidad, drive out to Parque Natural Topes de Collantes for a day of hiking and end with a swim in a natural bathing pool, framed by a waterfall.

Whatever your travel preference may be, Trinidad is an unmissable stop in any Cuba itinerary.

This post is part of a photo series covering my trip to Cuba.

DSC_7090 (Large)DSC_7092 (Large)DSC_7098 (Large)DSC_7103 (Large)DSC_7109 (Large)DSC_7111 (Large)DSC_7123 (Large)DSC_7125 (Large)DSC_7163 (Large)DSC_7165 (Large)DSC_7181 (Large)DSC_7182 (Large)DSC_7186 (Large)DSC_7195 (Large)DSC_7198 (Large)DSC_7203 (Large)DSC_7208 (Large)DSC_7215 (Large)DSC_7233 (Large)DSC_7290 (Large)DSC_7328 (Large)DSC_7329 (Large)DSC_7339 (Large)DSC_7342 (Large)

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  1. That’s a another great selection of photos! A nice-looking town!

  2. thewordistry says:

    gorgeous shots She-ra! seriously, great eye

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