Say nothing at all

You know what’s more annoying than হুজুগে বাঙালী turning their profiles into rainbow colors supposedly in ignorance? YOU, the obnoxious, self-righteous prick pretending to know better and shooting down LGBT rights on the basis of religion, calling it haram. The amount of hateful, intolerant posts I’ve seen leads me to believe that if you spent half as much time lending your voices to issues that actually matter to you, or affects you in some way, your existence might have some meaningful contribution to this world. No idea what to advocate for? Here are a few ideas: speak up against the online harassment of a National Cricket Team player and his sister, speak up against the attacks on worshippers in Kuwait, or condemn the shooting in Tunisia and the decapitation in France. If you have nothing good to say about a beautiful moment of equal rights, then say nothing at all. Stop wasting your breath on self-righteous posts on the rights and wrongs of homosexuality, when you probably have never met a LGBT person and have had no way to empathize with their struggles. Neither the U.S. nor the LGBT community needs your seal of approval. If you really practiced what you preach, there’d be a lot more tolerance and acceptance in this world. And a lot less garbage spewed on social media.

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  1. zhalfim says:

    To be honest, even if they did try to use their powers for “good” it would probably cause more of a mess than actually solve any issues.

    These people just want to ivory tower/arm-chair dictate to the world, without thinking, “huh, a little less hate is going out there in the universe today, I think I will try and keep my morality from being wrinkled.”

    People easily default to the angry, hateful position, instead of the kind, sympathetic one – simply because they do not even think about stepping into the other person’s shoes.

    And that’s why the world is still a mostly terrible place, sad to say.

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